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How to reduce stress at work

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Endemic Parenting Stress

COVID-19 is becoming endemic. It will not go away, but we will learn to live with and manage it. What does this mean for the parenting stress that has settled in among families—and grabbed headlines—for the past two years during the COVID-19 pandemic? Will that pressure also wanes but not entirely disappear? Will we finally begin to address parenting stress as a complex and dynamic system of interacting factors?

Pandemic or no pandemic, parenting is challenging. Even as going to school, working in offices, socializing, and participating in activities resumes, a majority of parents, 55%, say their heightened stress continues.

What are the mental health benefits to exercise?

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This year has been challenging for everyone in many different ways, in sharing this story I am in no way complaining or saying my year has been tougher than anyone else’s. I only wish to share my story for those who need it, for those who have gone through similar challenges to let them know that they are not alone.


Restorative justice is a cooperative approach to handling bullying, crime and criminal behaviors. This practice is a different way of thinking about justice and it is currently on the rise within schools and communities. Restorative justice focuses on the response to harmful behaviors and differs from traditional disciplinary measures as it emphasizes rehabilitating offenders in an effort to mend and build relationships.

Feeling any type of emotion is part of being human. Whether it be happiness, anger, excitement, or regret, we all have feelings. At times, feelings can become overwhelming, which can cause anxiety or depression. When we are at an emotional high, a technique called emotional regulation, also known as self-regulation, can help us to rethink or challenge our responses to certain emotions.

PTSD  is a mental health disorder that can be managed in a variety of ways. PTSD and trauma are the results of stressful events or experiences which can make you feel as though your life is constantly threatened. You may struggle with feelings of loneliness and helplessness which can cause you to have your guard up and to disassociate from others.

 My time in middle school are some years I’ll never forget. And some I will forget. But as an 11 year old, starting middle school was so scary for me. The school work was hard, the pressure to get from class to class in 2 minutes or get detention was overwhelming, and my mental health situation became very prominent during middle school.