Teacher Education Tools

Tackle mental health issues in the classroom with our world-class education tools for teachers.

MHAGC curriculums are specially designed with research-based techniques and brain-based strategies so teachers can effectively provide mental health education in the classroom.

They include scripted curriculums for our children’s mental health and bullying prevention programs—Learning2LiveTM and 2tough2bully™.

Both our program curriculums are available online and purposefully designed to trigger proactive engagement and contribution by participants for an optimum learning and teaching experience.

Licenses for our scripted curriculums are available on annual subscription plans for individual educators as well as schools.

Why are thousands of teachers using our curriculums in their classrooms?

  • Tested, research-backed, brain-based learning strategies for optimum results.

  • Meets the SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Standards provided by the Board of Education as defined and adopted by 48 states.

  • Developed by a highly experienced team of educators, psychologists, and professional curriculum designers.

  • Easy to follow and designed to be highly engaging with exercise materials, talking points, and videos to help you effectively facilitate mental health education sessions in your school.

  • Straightforward annual subscription plans with group discounts for schools.

Curriculum for Teachers

Our cornerstone mental health education program for young people is designed to help break the social stigma and empower them through education, awareness, and usupport.

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Curriculum for Teachers

This program is designed as an interactive and informative campaign that combines educational sessions with other important resources to help students deal with bullying.

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Other MHAGC Education Tools for Teachers

From teacher education programs to regular mental health webinar events, we provide you with the latest tools and techniques to effectively tackle mental health issues among students.

Mental Health
Educator Certification

Sign up today for our Learning2LiveTM Mental Health Educator Certification program designed for education professionals.

Get access to live online training and earn CPDUs.

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MHAGC Professional

Our PD Membership provides you access to exclusive online courses with CPDUs.

Gain in-depth insights into important mental health topics—from brain-based learning strategies to teacher leadership.

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Teaching With a
Heart™ Teacher
Education Program

The Teaching With a Heart™ program is designed to equip educators with the right knowledge and skill sets to create an optimum learning environment for every student in the classroom.

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