Nearly 1 in 5 young people are experiencing some form of emotional, mental, or behavioral disorder.

Find out how our Learning2LiveTM program is helping young people, their parents, and educators to put an end to mental disorders.

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Mental Health for Children & Young Adults

Learning2LiveTM is our cornerstone mental health awareness program that is designed to educate you about mental illnesses that are commonly encountered among children and young adults.

The stigma surrounding mental disorders is preventing young people from getting much-needed support. And we aim to break those social barriers and help start the conversation using our holistic approach that combines students, educators, and parents.

Learning2LiveTM is a tested program that has been developed based on scientific research. It draws attention to 15 common mental illnesses—from suicide and self-mutilation to depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.

Launched in 2005, the fully customizable Learning2LiveTM program has empowered thousands of students, parents, and teachers in Chicago communities for 15 years.

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Who is this mental health awareness program for?

Learning2LiveTM is an excellent program for anyone who can make a positive difference in preventing and advocating for mental health issues.

For 15 years, Learning2LiveTM has been effectively used as a model program in schools to help students, parents, teachers, counselors, and other professionals. But not only that, it’s also popular among the corporate sector, community groups, and mental health organizations.

How can you benefit from Learning2LiveTM?

This program aims to equip you with essential knowledge needed to tackle mental illnesses among young people and put an end to the stigma surrounding them.

At the completion of the Learning2Live™ program, you will be able to take effective action to:

  • Reduce suicide and suicide attempts.

  • Tackle bullying and violence.

  • Help young people to successfully navigate through life transitions.

  • Nurture appreciation for mental health as a critical element for balanced health and wellbeing.

  • Develop effective problem-solving skills.

  • Remove the stigma of mental illness and provide healthy avenues to find help.

  • Create strong partnerships so that every person may live, learn, and work in holistically supportive and nurturing environments.

What does it cover?

Learning2LiveTM is a classroom-based "10 days in 10 weeks" mental health awareness program and covers 15 important mental health issues that are common among youngsters.

The topics covered include:

  • Stress management

  • Depression and suicide prevention

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Substance use prevention

  • Generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder

  • Autism

  • Dealing with change

  • Dealing with grief

  • Lifelong mental health

Program design

This mental health education program meets the SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Standards provided by the Board of Education as defined and adopted by 48 states.

It is developed by a highly experienced team of educators, psychologists, and professional curriculum designers and conducted by our expert team of MHAGC counselors.

The program is easy to follow, customizable, and effective. It’s designed to be highly engaging with lesson plans, structured activities, role-playing, exercise materials, instructional strategies, and videos.

Take action today!

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, equipping yourself with the right knowledge can help save the life of another young life.

Find out how Learning2LiveTM can help you.

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Learning2LiveTM Curriculum for Teachers

The Learning2LiveTM program is also available online as a scripted curriculum for teachers to use in their classrooms. This is offered as an annual curriculum license with our subscription plans.

The L2LTM curriculum teacher’s guide is designed to be easy to follow and includes exercise materials, talking points, and videos, among other things to help you facilitate mental health education sessions in your school.

You can also sign up for our L2L™ Mental Health Educator Certification and access live online training and earn CPDUs. Call us to find out more! 1-800-209-8114

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