Parenting Sessions

Parenting Sessions

This program addresses specific questions and concerns, examines troublesome problems, and helps parents understand and respond to the day-to-day challenges during the teen years. The handbook used for this workshop is the second volume of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry's (AACAP) parenting guide, 'Your Adolescent.'

As children transition from childhood to adulthood, they undergo many physical, emotional and behavioral changes. Many parents wonder whether their teens' actions are typical or cause for concern. This workshop is designed to help parents answer questions and understand what's normal and what's not concerning their child's growth and development from ages 13-18. It addresses everyday issues like peer influence, dating identity, emerging sexuality, independence, separation anxiety, and responsibility, as well as more serious ones like violent behavior, experimental alcohol and drug use, teen suicide, and eating disorders.

Topics discussed include:

  • The Three Keys to Successful Listening
  • Becoming a Better Communicator
  • Stress Management
  • Using Discipline Effectively
  • Engaging Cooperation
  • Appropriate Expressions of Feelings (i.e. anger, remorse)
  • Developing Courage
  • Placating Complaints
  • Building Trust and Honesty
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • How to Stop the Yelling in the Home
  • What to Do About Bullying
  • Growth and Development of Your Middle School Child
  • Growth and Development of Your Adolescent
  • Teen Alcohol and Drug use
  • Teens and Body Image
  • Teens and the Web
  • Teens and Divorce
  • Teens and Media Effects

The price of our classes are usually covered or reduced through grant money. In the event that such funds cannot be obtained, costs will need to be covered by the participating organization.


The MHAGC Parenting Sessions have been translated into Spanish and may be presented in Spanish upon request.

Using Authority Without Becoming Authoritative (Utilizando Autoridad Sin Convertirse Autorizada)
Developing Courage as a Parent (Desarrollar Coraje Como Padre)
Ending the Children’s Complaining (Como Terminar Las Quejas de los Niños)
Appropriate Expression of Feelings (De expresar los sentimientos o emociones)
5 Ways to Build Trust and Honesty (Desarrollando la Confianza…Y la Honestidad!)