What we do

We work to eliminate the unnecessary loss of life due to suicide.
We focus on mental health for children, adolescents,emerging adults, families and veterans.
Our programs uniquely covers identification, prevention and support.
We provide both a prevention plan (nutrition, environment, avoidance of food additives and other causes of mental health symptoms and illnesses) and education on brain health.
We do not log or keep track of individual’s names. We have no affiliation with any conflict of interest organizations and we are independent focusing on our constituents.

We are working to end the stigma through our education and collaboration programs.

Suicide Prevention


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Mental health issues are the biggest unmet need of our time.  Isn't it time that we took mental health as seriously as we take physical health?

Isn't it time that we took mental health education as seriously as we take physical health education?  

MHAGC is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, founded in 1957, working to make mental health a top priority in our schools, healthcare systems, homes and communities. Our vision is to significantly reduce the stigma and prejudice associated with mental illness. We aim to achieve this goal by being a leading resource provider, promoting brain health and developing strategies that support individual wellness. Our mission is to maximize the mental and emotional wellness of our youth, adults and families by promoting prevention and increasing empowerment through our education, collaboration and support programs.

MHAGC works to provide the knowledge and awareness needed to navigate the complexities of families, social environements and communities. Our goal is to create a holistically supportive environment and to provide healthy avenues for individuals to achieve social, emotional and mental wellbeing. We strive to equip individuals with enough resilience to strategically bridge the unique combination of challenges presented to individuals through schools, family and society. MHAGC actively works to reduce stigma associated with mental illness that leads to needless suffering and loss. The cost to the community and to business is significant (201 billion in 2013).

As evidenced by the bullying, violence, suicide and other issues within our communities, the need for prevention and intervention is great. MHAGC aims to provide quality programming to students, teachers, school administrators and parents alike.

The goals of our programs are to:

  • Significantly reduce suicide and attempted suicide - the CDC reports 15.5% of students seriously considered suicide in 2015
  • Create supportive and nurturing school communities conducive to mental wellbeing
  • Create recognition that mental health is a vital part of overall wellness
  • Provide adolescents and families with emotional problem solving skills and tools
  • Reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness that prevents access to care

Our programs are based on the premise that the mental health needs of our community members and their families can be met within their home, school, and community environments.

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